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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Transition Plan

This plan is only available to retirees when there is a mix of Medicare (Part B) and non-Medicare enrolled family members on the plan or when there is a sponsored dependent rider with Medicare (Part B). The plan consists of Comprehensive Major Medical (CMM), which combines existing traditional catastrophic benefits with the added benefits of Major Medical. In addition, the providers submit claims on the members’ behalf. Members do not need to file claims unless they decide to use a non-participating provider.

The CMM plan covers all preventive services at 100 percent. Most other services are covered at 80% after the required annual deductible of $200 per member ($400 per family). The annual out-of-pocket maximum, which consists of applicable deductible and coinsurance, is $1,200 per member ($1,400 per family) per year.

For questions about specific coverage details, please call Blue Cross Blue Shield at 877-354-2583.


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